My product philosophy

The Garnfee uses

exclusively vegan materials

for her objects.

The secret of Egyptian cotton

As a small child in school, I had heard about Egyptian cotton for the first time. That was in geography class. The properties of this great yarn remain hidden from many outside Egypt. And if you live in Egypt, you take it for granted because Egyptian cotton is in many garments.

What is the best material?

For several years I didn’t think about it and even when choosing my own clothes I didn’t look at what material they were made of. When I started crocheting and knitting again, I tried many materials: Wool, merino, acrylic, cotton.

Why I prefer vegan

I quickly realized what I value in a yarn: it should be scratch-free, soft, breathable, cozy and light. This made the decision easy for me: I will only use vegan yarns, because they have all the desired properties.

What I myself prefer to wear

Back then, when I looked in my closet and wanted to know what materials my clothes were made of, I wasn’t surprised: my clothes were all made of vegan materials. I only wear vegan clothes.

What actually is vegan yarn?

Vegan yarns include yarns like cotton and bamboo, as well as synthetic yarns like acrylic and polyester.

Where do I buy yarn and wool?

I buy most of the yarns in Europe from certified dealers. So I can offer a wide range of colors. But every now and then I am in Egypt and then I go in search of exclusive, high-quality yarns. The colors, the light in Egypt, the memories – all this always gives me ideas for new products that you can’t buy elsewhere. Since I can only bring a limited amount of yarn, the number of pieces is limited. These products can be found in the category

What distinguishes my products

100% vegan

Easy care


No catalog goods

100% handmade

With passion and love